Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Turkish Delight Ice Cream

I've never liked roses. Not the flower (I'm more a peony kinda girl) and certainly not the taste. Maybe it was an over-flavoured Indian dessert that I ate as a child—restraint never having been a virtue in my greedy life, I bit off a huge chunk rather than nibbled to taste, and the heady flavour of the flower exploded in my mouth. To this day, when faced with a rose-flavoured anything, I balk, images of a colourful Indian street flooding my mind, a firm warning that should I so much as lick the food in question, my mouth would fill with that potent sweet essence and linger there until the sacred cows on my imaginary Indian street amble their way home.

So imagine my surprise when I decided to throw caution to the wind and make a Turkish Delight ice cream with a whole 50ml of rose water, and ended up loving the delicate flavour of it.

Incidentally, I can't admit to being a fan of Turkish Delight either (must be the rosewater component, you think?), but this ice cream, part of a composed dessert by the always affable chef Geoff Lindsey at his Melbourne restaurant Pearl, was just too pretty not to attempt.

The dessert encompasses the ice cream strewn with vanilla Persian fairy floss and served with bits of glace ginger, fushia pomegranate seeds and rose petals. I was going to serve it with just the Persian fairy floss, which my cousin bought from Sydney's Jones the Grocer along with a box of their lovely Turkish Delight (the best I've ever tasted), but he forgot to bring the fairy floss to dinner that day, so it was just the ice cream. But no matter. What a wonderful ice cream it was. The bits of Turkish Delight, though turned hard in the freezer, yields quickly to the warm temperature of your tongue. The delicate flavour of the rosewater was just lovely, nothing like the cacophony of sharp, sweet gusto that I had imagined.

Other items on the menu that night included Osso Bucco with Risotto Milanese. A friend gave us a bottle of Spanish saffron stamens to try and they flavoured and stained the risotto a lovely shade of golden yellow.

My brother recently returned from a trip to Italy, so we also had a load of shaved parma ham, which we walloped with baguettes and a wonderfully fresh-flavoured salad of buffalo mozarella, juicy vine cherry tomatoes and fat basil leaves.


Anonymous aria said...

the ice cream looks delicious, but i totally agree about the rose flavor in food. i have the same problem with lavendar. its the pot-pourie i cant separate in my mind.

i cant imagine i wouln't slurp down this ice cream though!!

2:28 am  
Blogger Anh said...

I am not a big fan of rose flavour, but I love love Turkish Delight! I can't eat a lot of it, though.

I adore your photo of the ice cream - very elegant!

11:35 am  
Blogger Oh for the love of food! said...

Hi A, That's a beautiful photo of your Turkish Delight Ice Cream, it looks like its suspended in the air! Love the flower petals! Like you, I don't like roses, or it's flavor, neither have I acquired a taste for Turkish delight. However,your ice cream looks so delicate with its random gem-like studs of turkish delight.. I'm sure the flavor is pleasingly subtle.

6:27 pm  
Blogger Precious Moments said...

Me too like Anh not big fan of rose flavour but some turkish delights are soooo yummy.

Love how you present your ice cream, making me want some.

12:54 pm  
Anonymous bea said...

Looks like a very inviting menu. I am like you with rose water though. Very rarely use it, and it has to do with a perfume I used to hate as a kid! Funny!

8:50 pm  
Anonymous Paz said...

Everything looks delicious!


12:26 am  
Blogger Linda said...

i am so jealous that your brother recently returned from italy! i'm trying to get there in august! sounds like a lovely feast.

8:57 pm  
Blogger Oh for the love of food! said...

Hi A! your whole lemon tart and chocolate sorbet sounds really interesting. Can't wait to read your post on it. I was actually thinking about you and was going to drop you an e-mail to say 'Hi' and 'what's up?' isn't that we-i-rd?
I know you are busy these days but I'm glad you've taken time to do the things you love. Take good care of yourself, won't you? ;o)

1:47 am  
Anonymous CreditEater said...

I like Turkish delight. I was there only once but enjoyed it too much. Your ice-cream picture makes me salivating. I like it

4:18 pm  
Blogger Humanus said...

Alexander of Macedonia dreamt of fresh ice creams laying on the bed of death - and it was somewhere near the East of modern Turkey.

4:22 pm  

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