Saturday, June 09, 2007

Cupcake Madness

It was like a scene straight out of Ugly Betty. An order of 100 cupcakes, which I felt needed to be delivered as fresh as possible. So I baked them the afternoon before they were to be sent and frosted them after dinner. A task that took me through to 2am, when I finally crawled into bed only to wake early the next morning to deliver the bounty.

I call these Adult Cupcakes. In two flavours—banana and chocolate—both with dark chocolate whipped cream frosting.Kids don't like them. I know because my friend's four-year-old daughter took one bite of it and screwed up her face really bad. "It ain't sweet, Mommy!" she cried. Her embarrassed mother attributed it to her daughter's Americanised palate.

Another friend ordered these for her nephew's birthday party. She later reported that few of the kids even touched the mini-cupcakes, but the adults polished them off with ease.

Personally, I like them for the moist cocoa flavoured sponge—in which I use corn oil rather than butter so they stay soft even when kept in the fridge. The frosting, made of fresh cream and melted 64% Valrhona Manjari chocolate, provides a lush, ever so slightly bitter edge that offsets the sweetness of the cake perfectly.

The banana cupcake is a lot richer, but no less delicious. Made with plenty of butter, they are better served at room temperature. Again, the deep chocolate whipped cream frosting cuts through the sweetness of the cake, but this time, the mouth feel is buttery, decadent and deliciously sinful.


Blogger Linda said...

beautiful. with banana?! lovely.

12:54 am  
Blogger Rachel said...

they look great! although, I have to say, even as a small child i was a semisweet/dark chocolate only kind of girl!

7:06 am  
Blogger Oh for the love of food! said...

Eggy, I absolutely love your blog, when you are not M.I.A. ! HA!HA! I'm also a loyal fan of Valhrona Manjari. These are SO my kind of cupcakes!

12:30 am  
Blogger chronicler said...

Oh my! These look so delicious! MMMMmmmmmmm!

2:11 am  
Blogger Caty said...

Wow! Those look delicious. All your little piped swirls are perfect and I love the little heart sprinkles.

6:51 am  
Blogger Precious Moments said...

Sounds soooo deliciously that I also wanted to try. 100 pcs!!!! wow.

10:56 am  
Blogger Amrita said...

beautiful cupcakes!

You're in SG arent you? Metoo!

Do you mind if I link you to my blog? And as shameless as it is, would you mind linking mine? *hehe*

5:47 pm  
Anonymous darguel said...

Those are gorgeous! How do i sign up for 100 of those?

5:06 pm  
Blogger Oh for the love of food! said...

Hey, Eggy! I would like to make a batch of Korova cookies but have no idea what 'fleur de sel' is. What is it exactly and is it a crucial ingredient in the recipe? Help!

12:44 am  
Anonymous Paz said...

"Buttery, decadent, deliciously sinful?" I love the sound of this!


12:30 am  
Blogger delicious said...

Where ever did you get those LOVELY RED HEARTS??? They're soooooooooooo pretty!

8:51 pm  
Blogger Belinda said...

Oh, your cupcakes are beaustiful! And they sound positively divine! Pretty please, could you share the frosting recipe you mentioned? I'm so glad I found your blog...I'm going to go back now and read previous months posts. :-)

11:47 am  
Anonymous aparna said...

Great image and love your site! Have you checked out the blogger Chockylit? Her cupcake blog has great recipes too:

8:35 am  

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