Saturday, January 07, 2006

On The Menu This Week...

Yes, beginning with one pill of each twice a day and increasing the dosage by another pill every day until every last spot of Christmas food has been purged...hopefully in time for Chinese New Year. Which by the way, happens at the end of this month. Which, in turn, means more eating.

So if you're wondering why I've been rather quiet in the kitchen of late, I'm merely resting and preparing my greedy tum for yet more festive treats. Meanwhile, if I have to eat another ounce of mash potato, stuffing, minced meat of any kind, steak or any manner of roasted meat, I think I may just throw up. Evidently my greediness knows some limits. See, we learn a new thing every day.

This is yet another reason why I haven't put to use all the wonderful gifts that I received over the festive season. My friend M gave me a meat thermometre, my mum bought me a pair of serving spoons and forks, and with shopping vouchers given to me by my brother, an aunt and two cousins, I bought myself my very first Le Crueset pot - a 20cm French oven that's my new pride and joy in the kitchen.

Just before Christmas, I also received Gary Rhode's latest book Keeping It Simple from its publishers for review. I haven't quite delved into it yet, but I will pretty soon. My other new acquisition is Jane Lawson's Yoshoku, which I bought as a Christmas gift to myself. Over the festive season, a small Japanese fishmonger and supermarket opened up at the mall near where I live. I of course viewed it as an opportunity (finally) to start attempting to cook the modern Japanese cuisine, which i so love to eat. I also started a new job this year, and my office is conveniently located close to a much larger Japanese supermarket close to the heart of town. Again, another sign that I needed to buy Ms Lawson's book, which I'd been eyeing for some time now.

The new job is taking a bit of getting used to given that I've worked comfortably from home for the last five years -- yet another reason why I haven't been in the kitchen this week. But hey, you can't keep a greedy goose down for long. This morning, I literally woke from sleep thinking about what I would like to make and eat over the weekend and next week. So this little piggy went to market and came home with three lovely crabs which I've boiled and will decide what to do with later this afternoon.


Blogger fooDcrazEE said...

The crab is fresh from the way the claws are drawn back ( from the rope that tied them up )

Keep it till afternoon ? wow! i would have cooked them up and whacked them all on the spot.

6:59 pm  
Blogger Eggy said...

Hallo foodcrazee! Didn't have time to whack the bugger. Had to go out and run errands, lah :-)

7:34 pm  
Blogger Ilva said...

Looks lovely-I wish I could come and have dinner with you! NOW!

2:31 am  
Anonymous paz said...

What lovely gifts you received! Love your new pot! So, what did you do with the crabs? Best wishes with the new job!


5:12 am  

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